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test tubeCoral Reefs. Snakes. Pollen. Hubble Telescope. Fossils. Sea Monsters. Seeds. What do all these things have in common? No, really, please guess….

Okay…drum roll…the big reveal…. They are all science-related books and DVDs purchased with $25,000 in grant funds from the Madison Community Foundation. Yes, that’s right, $25,000 for science materials for the Mount Horeb Public Library!

Our library was among 27 area libraries selected to receive such generous funding. The Madison Community Foundation encouraged libraries to build specific collections to serve their community and the entire South Central Library System. Click here to see all the Dane County Collections.

We chose the theme Science for Everyone. We’ve purchased books and DVDs covering a wide span of interests: mathematics, space, the night sky, the planets, chemistry experiments, fossils, dinosaurs, gems, earthquakes, volcanoes, animals and insects. Please stop and browse the display of Science for Everyone; it is full of fascinating books you won’t be able to resist.

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Expand your mind with DVDs like these:

• Understanding the Universe: An Introduction to Astronomy
• Asteroids: Deadly Impact
• Six Degrees Could Change the World
• Life in the Freezer


A smattering of what's available:

• Butterflies of the Great Lakes Region
• The Emotional Lives of Animals: a leading scientist explores animal joy, sorrow, and empathy–and why they matter
• Smithsonian Intimate Guide to the Cosmos

Keep it Growing

We’ve been able to acquire some fascinating material that would have otherwise been out of our reach and we’d like to be able to continue this trend. Please consider extending the generosity of the Madison Community Foundation by contributing funds to the Mount Horeb Public Library specifically for the purchase of science-related titles. Any amount will be useful and welcome: $5.00 – $100.00.

Please direct your donations to the library director, Lysianne Unruh, for more information: 608-437-5021 ext. 102, lunruhatscls.lib.wi.us.


Where to find it

The Popular Science collection is on its own shelf front and center when you enter the library for your browsing pleasure. You may also find and order the titles online.

Go to the Popular Science Collection on iPac, the online catalog

Go to the Dane County Library Collections page at SCLS


More about Science for Everyone

“Our science collection was quite dated,” said Lysianne [Unruh]. “The grant funds provided an impetus for an intense overhaul and presented an excellent opportunity to invigorate the science-related offerings for library customers of the wider South Central Library System.”

Using the theme “Science for Everyone,” Lysianne purchased materials in a variety of formats, including ever popular Teaching Company offerings, lectures from the classrooms of renowned professors, numerous titles from the BBC, PBS, Nova, and National Geographic.

excerpt from Madison Community Foundation's Moments in Philanthropy, May 2009