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Basics - Sessions - Limits - Express Computers - Helpful Hints

How does this work?

* You can now sign up for and monitor your own Internet time. Find the Reserve A Computer links on our homepage and throughout our site.
* You must have a library card. If you don't have one, sign up today!
* Use your library barcode number to log on in the computer lab or to make reservations.
* You may make reservations up to 6 days ahead.
* The computers automatically time out when your session expires. You will be given warnings 6 minutes and 2 minutes before your session is over. Be sure to regularly save your work (when possible).

What are sessions?

* A session is a block of time for which you may reserve a computer.
* Each day, you may use or reserve 6 sessions for a total of up to 3 hours of computer use.
* Once you have used 6 sessions OR a total of up to 3 hours of computer use, Telus will not permit you additional time.
* The time limit for each session varies by computer. The total amount of time you may use each day is 3 hours.


* 6 sessions total per day
* 3 hours total per day
* 45 reservations at one time

* Express = 30 minutes/session. 0 sessions in a row. 1/day max.
* Internet Only = 30 min/session. 2 sessions in a row max.
* Do It Yourself Multimedia = 60 min/session. 3 sessions in a row max.
* Parents Only = 60 min/session. 3 sessions in a row max.

5 No Shows in 14 days = Banned from computer use

* Reservations may be made 6 days ahead.
* You may have up to 45 reservations at once.

* Last reservation of the day ends 15 minutes before closing.

What are Express Computers?

* These computers are set aside for "walk-ins" and folks who wish to quickly (30 minute limit) check their email and such.
* Same day reservations only.
* Must have library barcode number.
* Maximum one Express Computer session each day.

Helpful Hints

* Be on time. A reservation automatically becomes a No Show if you are more than 10 minutes late.
Keep moving! After 5 minutes of inactivity, the computer thinks you have left, even if you are diligently reading the screen. Do something on your computer every few minutes to let it know you are there.
* Save frequently. When the computer logs you out, it forgets everything - what you were working on, items you saved to C:, etc. Save frequently to diskette or CD-RW.
* Need a break? Click the Standby Button. It gives you 10 minutes before shutting off. No one else will be able to use the computer. You will need to enter your barcode number to log back on. Be sure to save your work before going "Standby".
* Working on a project? Estimate the time you need and book ahead. If you reserve more than one block of time, the computer consolidates consecutive reservations into one long session. If you've already logged on to a session, you may book more, but they won't consolidate. It will log off after the first session. You'll have to log back in.
* Blackout period. There is a period 5 minutes right before a reservation when no one, not even the librarians, can get on a computer. It does not affect those already working on that computer: They get their full time. It prevents someone from starting and "wasting" a session right before another reservation, even if you are the one who's reserved it next.

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