The Big Read...and introducing The Middle and Little Reads!


September-October, 2022

The Mt. Horeb Public Library's Big Read uses a book as a starting point to engage and connect with people and topics. Each year we select a title we encourage everyone in the community to read and talk about. We also hold numerous programs that relate to the themes of the book.

This year, we are excited to announce we are expanding our Big Read to include a Middle Read and Little Read for younger ages!  The Middle Read pick, Front Desk by Kelly Yang, is geared towards 4th grade and up. The Little Read, Watercress by Andrea Wang, is for preschool-3rd grade.  Of course, we encourage adults to read the Middle and Little Read titles also. The library will have some available for checkout. 

To help ensure people have access to the title, the Friends of the Mt. Horeb Public Library purchase multiple copies of the books for us to give away, including large print copies. We will give the books away beginning at 9am, Saturday, September 10th this year. To receive a book, you must be here in person. This includes kiddos. If you have young people in your life who would like a Middle or Little Read book, bring them along!  If you can't make it September 10, you can try calling the library to reserve a copy beginning at 9am that day. 

If you receive a free book, you are encouraged to attend as many of the events as possible.  (Everyone is welcome at the events, even if you haven't read the book.) The events expand upon topics covered in the book, and give you the opportunity to connect with other community members. 

We recommend arriving early! The books are given on a first come- first served basis only. Can't make it to the library that day? You can try calling beginning at 9 am to reserve a copy, but there's no guarantee one will be available.  If you call you must speak to someone. Leaving a message does not save you a book.  The first Big Read program begins at 9:30am, immediately after the giveaway.