Fine Free

As of August 27, 2020, the Mt. Horeb Public Library no longer charges overdue fines and is now a Fine Free library.

What does Fine Free mean?
"Fines" are fees that occur from returning items past their due date. Going Fine Free means we no longer charge for overdue items. Hooray!  Please keep in mind that you may accrue fines if items are checked out at another library. (Fines are based on the check out library’s circulation policies.)   If a book is lost or damaged, replacement fees still apply.

Can I keep things as long as I want?

  • Short Answer: No. :-) 
  • Longer answer: If items are not returned shortly after their due date, our system automatically marks them as "lost" and replacement fees will appear on your account. These remain on your account, blocking checkout and holds, until the items are returned. (Fees are removed once we check in the items.) Returning materials in a timely manner will avoid these inconveniences and make the items available for others to enjoy. Thank You!

What about overdue fines on my account right now?
We are just beginning our Fine Free journey and have some things to work out. As you can imagine, this is a lengthy process. Thanks for your patience as we move into the next phase!