Meet Osmo

Have you tried Osmo?

Kids will love learning all kinds of skills with these interactive gaming and learning systems. Whether it's coding, money skills, or drawing, Osmo makes learning fun!

What is Osmo?

Osmo is an interactive gaming system that encourages kids to learn via play through a combination of physical play pieces kids can hold in their hands and a digital game program that reacts to what the player does in the real world.

*Ask to check out one of three available Osmo systems at the circulation desk.
(Osmo systems are available for in-library use only.)

What games can you play?

  • Pizza Co. - Build pizzas for customers, give them correct change when they pay, and grow your business.
  • Coding Awbie - Help Awbie reach his favorite snack by using coding blocks to help him move.
  • Coding Jam - Use the coding blocks to make music on screen.
  • Tangram - Play this classic game by arranging wooden blocks into the fun shapes shown on screen.
  • Monster - Draw things Mo the monster asks for and your drawings will be pulled into Mo's world.
  • Numbers - Help free the fish by answering math problems.
  • Words - Guess what word to spell by following the picture on the screen.
  • Newton - Guide falling balls to the target by bouncing them off drawn obstacles or items placed in their path.
  • Masterpiece - Pick an image to draw and Osmo will transform it into easy to draw lines.

Want to see Osmo in action?

Check out Osmo's Youtube videos or visit Osmo's web page

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