Circulation Policy

This policy replaces any previous policy regarding circulation; created October 2009; Approved by the Library Board December 16, 2009; Revised/Approved July 28, 2010; Revised/Approved by the Library Board July 27, 2017.

I. Purpose of Policy
II. Eligible Card Holders and Library Card Types
III. Statement of Responsibility
IV. Limitations on Borrowing
V. Return of Library Materials
VI. Holds
VII. Loan Periods
VIII. Overdue Materials
IX. Lost or Damaged Materials
X. Insufficient Funds
XI. Confidentiality of Library Records
XII. Library Theft Law

I. Purpose of Policy

A. One of the primary purposes of the public library is to bring people together with the information they need. In keeping with this mission, the Mount Horeb Public Library strives to maintain the most liberal lending policy possible without allowing customers to abuse their borrowing rights to the detriment of others.
B. Mount Horeb Public Library is a member of the South Central Library System (SCLS) and the Library Interchange Network (LINK) and adheres to the agreements made with these consortia. Some provisions of this policy are formulated to comply with requirements of these memberships. Participation in SCLS and LINK affords numerous benefits to Mount Horeb customers, who have access to the facilities, collections, and services of member libraries.
C. This policy is designed to insure all users have equitable access to the services and materials of the Mount Horeb Public Library regardless of race, color, sex, national origin, age, religion, sexual orientation, or disability.
D. This policy applies not only to the general public, but also to staff, board members, Friends of the Mount Horeb Public Library, and library volunteers. Only materials ready for circulation and properly checked out may be taken from the library. Staff's failure to abide by this policy may result in disciplinary action.
E. The library customer is the most important person in the library. Customer service is the most essential task the library staff performs on a daily basis.

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II. Eligible Card Holders

A. The library issues cards to individuals and organizations such as schools and nursing homes. General cards are issued for a four-year period. Mount Horeb library cards are good at all public libraries within the South Central Library System, as well as the bookmobile.
B. Any resident of the village of Mount Horeb is eligible to receive a Mount Horeb Public Library card. All applicants 16 years of age and older must present acceptable photo and address identification at the time of application for a first card or a lost card replacement. Such identification includes driver's license or Wisconsin ID card, checkbook, official (computer-printed) mail, or other ID listed in LINK Registration guidelines.
C. Library Card Types
Card Type Description
Standard Library Card Residents of Dane County and all other counties are eligible for a card at no cost for first time card recipients after presenting current identification. Proof of residence is required for full library privileges.
Temporary/Limited Use Card Temporary/Limited Use Cards will be applied to patrons staying at a given address for 90 days or less. This card-type restricts the users to a three-item checkout limit and a two-item holds limit.
Web Use Only Card If proof of address cannot be provided for either a temporary or permanent address, a Web Use Only card will be issued.
Educational/Institution Card Village of Mount Horeb community organizations, city departments, and the Mount Horeb Area School District may be issued organizational borrowers cards for use by authorized individuals.
D. Daycares, teachers, or babysitters may bring pre-signed applications by the parent or legal guardian. The caregiver will be asked to vouch for the accuracy of the information on the application provided by the parent or guardian. Each child must be present to be issued a card.
E. Upon turning 18, the existing card will then be given "adult" status whereby all financial responsibility will be the card holder's rather than the parent's or guardian's.
F. Individuals living outside the village of Mount Horeb can apply for a library card at the Mount Horeb Public Library as well. Individuals living in other municipalities in the South Central Library System can fill out an application and library staff will issue them a card. For those individuals living in rural areas of Dane County (i.e. Blue Mounds, various townships, etc), a Dane County library card will be issued. The Dane County card carries with it the same privileges and responsibilities as a Mount Horeb library card.
G. Registered library card holders are responsible for informing the library of any name, address, phone, or status changes.
H. Library cards expire every four years. Renewal of cards is possible as long as customers remain eligible. Cards not used for two (2) years will expire. Customers not using their card within one (1) year after the expiration date will have their registration purged from the computer—provided they do not have outstanding fines—and will have to reapply for a card.
I. Only one card will be issued to each individual/institution/organization.
J. Cards may be issued to children of any age. Applicants under the age of 16 must have a parent or guardian signature on the application form and the parent/guardian must be present at the time of application. Parents/Guardians applying for cards for multiple children must have each child present at the time of application. Children residing in dual households will be issued only one card.
K. Homebound / Walking Book – Mount Horeb Public Library works with our Friends of the Library group to provide library service to those library customers who are permanently or temporarily homebound. Homebound customers have their own cards; those cards may be used by a volunteer to check out materials for the homebound customer.
L. Village of Mount Horeb community organizations, city departments, and the Mount Horeb Area School District may be issued organizational borrowers' cards for use by authorized individuals when the organization needs to borrow library materials for organizational purposes.
1. The head of the organization must sign the application form and supply acceptable identification for the organization, as well as, a list of authorized individuals. The organization, city department, or business assume responsibility for any library materials checked out on the card(s). All rights and responsibilities held by individual card holders will be assumed by organizational card holders.
2. These cards will be issued for one year. Card renewals are possible as long as organizations remain in business. It is the responsibility of the head of the organization to inform the library of staff changes.
3. Fine-Free Organizational status will be applied only to those organizations/businesses serving the library's mission of life-long learning: Daycare Centers, Youth Centers, Senior Centers, and the Mount Horeb Area School District.
4. Materials for personal use may not be checked out on the card. Library staff has the right to question customers using an organizational card to check out what appears to the staff member, to be personal use items. Approval or denial of use of an organizational card to check out any item at the library is the employee's sole discretion. Abuse of this privilege will result in the head of the organization being notified and/or revocation of the organization's card.
M. Customers residing outside the South Central Library System, but within another of Wisconsin's public library systems, are eligible for a Mount Horeb library card. Those customers are encouraged to obtain a current library card from their home library system. A SCLS barcode will be added to their current home card. If they do not hold a current library card within their own system, they will be issued a Mount Horeb library card.
N. Mount Horeb Public Library may issue temporary library cards (expiration date set for anywhere from 3 weeks – 3 months on a case-by-case basis) for out-of-state customers.

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III. Statement of Responsibility

A. Customers are responsible for all materials checked out on their library card. Customers are encouraged to handle materials carefully to ensure their longevity and usability. Please see section IX pertaining to Lost or Damaged Materials.
B. MHPL is not responsible for any damage to the borrower's media devices, including, but not limited to, car stereo systems, CD, VCR, or DVD players, MP3 players, computer drives, or gaming systems while used in conjunction with library audio-visual, gaming or computer software materials. Customers who use library materials with media devices assume all risk of loss or damage to such devices caused by media items.
C. The Mount Horeb Public Library makes every effort to maintain the collection by cleaning scratched media such as CDs and DVDs and removing worn or damaged media from circulation. The MHPL actively mends worn books or removes those items damaged beyond repair.

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IV. Limitations on Borrowing

A. Library customers should bring their cards to the library for each visit. If a customer forgets his/her library card, he/she may use a valid photo ID to check out materials with library staff.
B. Any customer with materials charges, fines, or fees due in excess of the library's suspension limit ($20.00) may not check out materials until the balance is less than the $20.00 threshold.
C. Reference materials, all newspapers, in-house video games, and the current issues of magazines are non-circulating and may not be checked out.
D. The responsibility for the use and circulation of library materials by children rests with their parents and/or guardians. No borrowing restrictions are placed on children once their parents have signed the application form.
E. The maximum number of items a customer may have checked out at once is 100.

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V. Return of Library Materials

A. Mount Horeb Public Library materials may be returned to any public library or bookmobile in the South Central Library System. Materials returned to non-public libraries, such as school, academic or special libraries remain the responsibility of the customer.
B. Customers may request materials be checked in immediately in order to pay any overdue fines, or may request a printed receipt of the items returned.

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VI. Holds

A. Requests for materials are accepted from registered customers with valid library cards. Customers may request items in person, via telephone, or through the library's website. Callers must provide their library card number.
B. Hold notices indicate a date after which materials will be returned to the shelves or sent to owning libraries. Once received at the library, a hold remains on the hold shelf for a customer for eight days.
C. Staff can assist customers with reordering expired holds. Customers will be placed at the end of the waiting list, not the beginning. Customers wishing to do so may also reorder items themselves.
D. To protect a customer's privacy, holds can only be checked out by the customer requesting them or by an authorized card user (with staff assistance). A customer must complete the Holds Pickup Authorization Form to authorize others to check out his/her holds (see Appendix). To checkout holds on the express-check machines it is necessary to use the card of the customer who placed the hold. The express-check machines will not recognize other names/cards, even those listed on the Holds Pickup Authorization Form.

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VII. Loan Periods

A. Books (with the exception of new adult fiction and Lucky Day books, mobile hotspots, Busy Boxes, and Daycare Kits), non-fiction DVDs and audiobooks circulate for 28 days.
B. Magazines, Lucky Day books, New Adult Fiction, music CDs, and software circulate for 14 days.
C. Feature-film DVDs and audiovisual equipment circulate for seven days.
D. A renewal period of the same length as the initial loan period is granted for any item, unless it has been placed on hold for another person. Items may be renewed twice. Renewals retain the borrowing rules of the library where the item was initially checked out. Renewal items do not have to be in-hand to be renewed.

E. Renewal is granted on Lucky Day books, but renewals must be made in person at the Circulation Desk and may be renewed twice.

F. Renewal is not granted on mobile hotspots.

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VIII. Overdue Materials

A. Materials are considered overdue if not received by the date due. Materials returned in the library book drop when the library is not open are considered to have been returned on the last open day of the library.
B. The Mount Horeb Public Library charges daily fines of $0.20/day for all items except Lucky Day books and movies, and mobile hotspots. Lucky day books and movies carry an overdue fine of $1/per day. Mobile hotspots carry an overdue fine of $1/per day. If the mobile hotspot is not returned within two days, they carry an overdue fine of $5/day. If the hotspot is not returned within a week, the data will be shut off immediately and the library reserves the right to enlist the help of the police to retrieve the hotspot. With the execption of mobile hotspots, the LINK maximum fine for an individual item is $10.00.
C. After materials are 28 days overdue, they become "Lost" in the library catalog and the card which was used to check them out may not be used to check out any additional materials until the overdue materials are returned and total charges on the library card are less than $20.00. Twenty dollars or more in fees and/or fines will suspend the borrowing privileges of customers. Suspension rules of other SCLS libraries will be honored at Mount Horeb Public Library.
D. If a customer believes that the material checked out on his/her card was returned, the library can put a "claims return" on the item, and it is removed from the customer's financial responsibility. Customers are allowed a maximum of three "claims returned" items on their card.
E. At any time a customer may pay for material they believe is irretrievably lost. If lost material is subsequently found and returned within six months of the lost date, the cost of the material, less overdue fines, will be refunded to the customer.
F. Notices of overdue materials are sent without charge via email. Customers who do not elect to receive their notices via email will be subject to a $.50 charge on their library record if the notice must be mailed via the USPS. Customers may also sign up for pre-overdue notices which, via email, alert a customer to materials which are nearing their due date.
G. The Mount Horeb Public Library applies library fines to all overdue materials regardless of age. As of 2002, exceptions have not been granted for Senior Citizens unless "grandfathered" in from prior to 2002 or applied by another library from a previous community. Fine-free organizational status is granted only to groups who support the library's mission of life-long learning, i.e. Daycare Centers, Youth Centers, Senior Centers, and cards issued to the Mount Horeb Area School District. Please see Section II K for the statement against using Fine-Free Organizational status card for personal use.
H. The library will comply with all Discharge of Debtor decrees by Bankruptcy Courts. Only overdue materials as of the date of the decree will be cleared and suspensions removed.

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IX. Lost or Damaged Materials

A. Customers are responsible for all materials checked out on their library card. A customer is required to pay for material which becomes lost or has been damaged while checked out. The library will accept replacement copies of lost or damaged material on a case by case basis at the discretion of the Circulation Supervisor. Generally, the replacement cost listed in the LINK catalog for materials is the current list price. This replacement cost may include a processing fee.
B. The library may assess charges for damage beyond normal wear at the discretion of library circulation staff and the Circulation Supervisor.

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X. Insufficient Funds

A. If a customer bounces a check, the amount bounced will be placed back on the customer's account. Additionally, if the bank charges the library an insufficient funds charge for the bounced check, this fee will be passed on to the customer.
B. After a check is returned from the bank for insufficient funds, payments to clear charges must be made in cash or money order.

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XI. Confidentiality of Library Records

A. As described in Wisconsin Stats, 43.30 Public library records (1), all circulation and other records which identify the names of library users, especially as they connect library users with material or services used, are confidential.
B. The following exceptions to the confidentiality law are noted in 43.30 (1) (m):
1. By court order
2. To persons acting within the scope of their duties in the administration of the library or library system
3. To persons authorized by the individual to inspect such records
4. To custodial parents or guardians of children under the age of 16 as required under Wisc. Stat. sec. 43.30(4), as set forth in Act 207, effective April 23, 2004
5. To libraries as authorized under subs. (2) and (3)
C. The following guidelines will be observed in providing any records pursuant to (B)(4)
1. Library records to be supplied include items currently checked out, due dates for those items, overdue items, and any fines owed, as well as any records that show use of the library's computers.
2. Library records not required to be supplied include address, phone number, age, etc. of the child. This information must be edited out of any record supplied to a custodial parent or guardian.
D. Library staff may request photo ID in order to determine whether the person requesting the records in the custodial parent of guardian. Library staff will accept any other set of documents that demonstrates to their satisfaction that the requestor is the custodial parent or guardian of the child whose records have been requested. Information regarding library records will be provided over the phone only when a library barcode number is provided.
E. Any records regarding customers' use of library services shall not be made available to any agency of federal, state, or local government, except pursuant to such process, order, or subpoena as may be relating to civil, criminal, or administrative discovery procedures or legislative investigative power.
F. Information concerning materials placed on hold may only be given out to persons authorized by the individual cardholder who provides the barcode number from the card in question. Individuals may be asked to present identification in person to receive this information.
G. For additional information regarding these policies specific to the Mount Horeb Public Library, please refer to the MHPL Privacy Policies.

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XII. Library Theft Law

The Village of Mount Horeb, in its Municipal Code, Chapter 9.14 reads as follows:

DEFINITION OF LIBRARY MATERIALS. For purposes of this section, the term library materials shall mean any book, plate, picture, photograph, engraving, painting, drawing, map, newspaper, magazine, pamphlet, broadside, manuscript, document, letter, public record, microfilm, sound recording, audio-visual material in any format, magnetic or other tapes, electronic data processing records, artifacts or other documentary, written or printed form or characteristics belonging to, on loan to or otherwise in the custody of the Village Public Library.
RETURN OF LIBRARY MATERIALS REQUIRED. No person shall take or carry away any library material with the consent of any library official, agent or employee and fail after notice under sub. (3) to timely return the library material to the Village Public Library.



(a) No person shall be deemed in violation of sub. (2) of this section, unless such person is first provided written notice signed by a library official, agent or employee setting forth the following: (Am. #67)


A. A reasonable description of the library materials.
B. The date that the library materials were due to be returned.
C. The final date by which either the library materials are to be returned or a written explanation made to the library that the library materials are incapable of being returned because they are lost or destroyed.
D. The statement that, "Your failure to comply with the demands of this notice will subject you to being prosecuted for violation of §9.14(2), Municipal Code, Village of Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin and, upon conviction, you may be subject to a penalty of not less than $10 nor more than $100, together with costs of prosecution and penalty assessment."
(b) Such notice shall be served either by regular, first class mail sent to the person's last known address or by personal service upon such person.

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