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For Parents, Teachers, and Caregivers

A Wide Range of Kits for Preschool and Elementary Children
For parents, teachers, and caregivers

Click here for a list of Busy Boxes/ Teaching Kits available for checkout

Here is a list of learning kits available for checkout from the Mount Horeb Public Library. These kits include books and items designed to develop learning and literacy skills in young children.

To search the online catalog for the items available at Mount Horeb Public Library:

* Click on "Advanced Search"
* Enter the phrase "generic kits for the home--Mt. Horeb" as a Keyword
* Click the "Search" button

Please call the library reference desk for assistance if you have any questions at 437-5021 ext. 101

For Teachers

Assignment Alert Form

PDF download to print & fax/drop off
Many times when the library staff is not alerted to an assignment, the first two or three students will check out all the material available, thereby leaving the remaining students frustrated and unable to complete their assignments. Teachers, fill out this form to alert library staff to upcoming assignments.


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