What Makes Hmong the Most Musical Language

Wednesday, September 21, 6:30pm

With Neng Now
Hmong music is an exceptionally unique intangible cultural heritage of humanity. Of the 7,000 languages that exist in the world, the Hmong language is the only one to mimic its spoken language through the use of all Hmong music, enabling Hmong musicians to literally speak with what sounds like just instrumental music to outside ears. As such, Hmong music not only gives us a window into viewing where the line of music and language cross, but also the exceptional flexibility and lengths to which human brains are capable of assigning and attributing meaning and significance. Neng's interactive presentation will use Hmong Musical Languages to change how you view the place and possibilities for music and language in our everyday world. 

Part of our Big Read Programming Series. All welcome to join us, even if not participating in the Big Read.