Dog Show


Friday, June 21, 10-11 am 

Show off your best friend's best tricks (and more)! To sign up to participate with your dog, please complete this form (starting June 3). Registration is required to participate; if your group is all human and planning to be in the audience, please feel free to just show up!

You can choose which events you would like to participate in; at the start of each round, we will announce the event and call any participants to the arena. The rounds will happen consecutively in the order listed below. If you'd like to join us for one of the later rounds, please feel free to come and go.

Dog Show Events may include: 

  • Pooch parade 
  • Best costume 
  • Best trick 
  • Best ears 
  • Best belly rub 
  • Best leash manners 
  • Best senior dog 
  • Best smile 
  • Spoon race

All dogs must be legally licensed and vaccinated. Please plan to remain with your dog at all times. 

  • This event will take place outside on the library lawn, weather permitting. If we need to cancel due to weather, we will post updates on the library's Facebook page and do our best to contact participants prior to the event time.

  • If you feel like your dog will not participate well that day, please feel free to join us without your dog. We want to ensure that this event is as safe and enjoyable as possible for everyone present. We will plan to have some ice and water outside to help keep everyone cool.

  • We plan to start the first event at 10 am; please feel free to arrive a few minutes early to find a space and get settled in to enjoy the show. We will have a designated judging arena and you are welcome to sit anywhere along the edge.