Print A Document

Send your items to our printer from wherever you are! You can upload up to five documents or photos (to be printed within 24 hours) using the link below.  Or install the app!


Download the free ePRINTit app for: iPhone/iPad , Android.


We recommend using a really short username - just a few numbers or your initials.  You will need to remember the username or card number you entered on the upload page to access your print jobs, and type it on a touchpad screen.  (If you use your library card number, you can scan the library card.) 

Print jobs only remain on print server for 24 hours. You must pick them within that time frame.
  • Once you have sent your items, please come to the the library within 24 hours.
  • When you are at the printer in the library you will type in the username or card number you entered when you uploaded the documents.
  • You will need to pay for your prints (cash only) at the print station.
    • Black & White: $0.10 per page
      Color: $0.25 per page for color prints. 

If you'd rather email the documents to our printer (if uploading using the link above did not work) please use the following email addresses:
**NOTE: Emailing the document will print the email as well, and you'll be charged for that page.  We strongly recommend uploading or using the app if possible. 

--To find your print job in the print center when you email the document: Your user name is your email name before the @ symbol. (For example, if your email is mhpl [at] you'll type in mhpl for the user name.)--

  • Black and White Email Address:   tbs-MTHPL-bw [at]
  • Color Email Address:    tbs-MTHPL-color [at]

          Access to this resource was made possible by funding from the
         Institute of Museum and Library Services through the CARES ACT.