Services for Homeschoolers

Homeschool Hour


September 14-May 30
Thursdays 1-3 pm

The library meeting room is reserved every Thursday from 1-3 pm. The first Thursday of each month, Ms. Amy, one of the Youth Services Librarians, will lead the group activity. This will be different every month and will be a structured class time of art classes, cooking classes, science fairs, hands-on math games, etc. 

The rest of the Thursdays are up for interpretation! Regular attendees of Homeschool Hour may sign up to lead activities on the clipboard located at the Children's Desk. Every week will be fun and full of variety, giving the homeschool community a chance for learning and connection.
Click here to learn about notable dates. 


Thursday, April 4 is the first Homeschool Hour Science Fair! All ages are welcome to participate. This fair will not be judged. It is for the purpose of learning and sharing information and the practice of putting that information on display.  

How it works:

  1. Pick a science fair topic with your child/children. 
  2. Sign up here. You must register for your project to be given display space during the Fair.
  3. Start working on your projects. I know some of these take some time, so I am hoping giving families a couple of months to prepare will make it less daunting. These projects can be as simple or elaborate as you wish. Just have fun and enjoy the process! 
  4. On April 4th each participant will be assigned a 5' display table to show their project. During the Homeschool Hours of 1-3pm the children will be at their tables showing their projects and explaining any experiments they have to show. After that, we will leave the projects up through Saturday, April 6th so you can invite friends and family to come and see all the hard work the kids put into their projects! Projects can be picked up starting Monday, April 8th. 


Need personal assistance?
Contact youth services librarian Amy Kalchik at amy.kalchik [at]

Homeschool Collection


The Homeschool Collection is located in the Children's Area near the Parenting Collection.

We have many resources to choose from, including elements from the following curriculums:

  • Life of Fred
  • Five in A Row
  • Well-trained Mind Press
  • The Thinking Tree
  • Saxon Math


The collection is arranged according subjects areas in the Dewey Decimal System, not grade level.
Here is a quick guide:

  • 000 Generalities
         020 Library & Information Sciences
  • 100 Philosophy & Psychology
  • 200 Religion
  • 300 Social Sciences
         320 Political Science
         330 Economics
         340 Law
         370 Education
         390 Customs, Etiquette, Folklore
  • 400 Languages
         425 English Grammar
  • 500 Natural Sciences & Math
         510 Mathematics
              512 Algebra
              513 Arithmetic
              516 Geometry
          530 Physics
         540 Chemistry & Allied Sciences
         550 Earth Sciences
         570 Life Sciences
  • 600 Technology (Applied Sciences)
  • 700 The Arts
  • 800 Literature & Rhetoric
         810 American Literature in English
         811 Poetry
         812 Drama
         815 Speeches
  • 900 Geography & History


Learning Kits:


Check out the list of interactive learning kits!