Basic Fax Information

Approved by the Library Board, February 6, 1991

The primary purpose of the fax machine is to facilitate access to information as it relates to the library's philosophy of reference service. Additionally, the fax machine can serve to reduce document delivery time, improve the sharing of resources among libraries and other information-providing agencies, and enhance reference service at the library.
The secondary purpose of the fax machine is to facilitate the public's access to technology. Therefore, the fax machine is available for public use, although the use of the machine requires a fee.

Cost of Sending a Fax

It is .50 per page for faxes within the United States. Faxes overseas cost $1.00 per page.

How to Send a Fax

  1. Put the document you wish to send face down on the fax machine.
  2. Dial the number where the Fax is to be sent. (Include AREA CODES as necessary. Dial the number as if you were placing a phone call.)
  3. Press the START key.
  4. Do not pull the document as it slides through the machine.
  5. Wait for the confirmation slip, or Transmission Verification Report, which is printed a few seconds after the Fax has been successfully sent.
  6. Pay for your fax at the Circulation Desk.

Receiving a Fax

  • Call the library for cost.
  • If the receiving party is not present, there is a handling surcharge.
  • The Fax may be picked up at the front desk.
  • We will hold it for seven days.

The Library Fax Number

  • (608) 437-6264


For information on how to send faxes international visit


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