Code of Conduct: Kids

Be a library kid
Parents, please see Children in the Library Policy for more information.

  1.  A library kid can stop at the reference desk to say “hi” and ask questions. (Librarians are here to help you find what you need.)
  2.  A library kid explores the library and finds fascinating, mind-expanding information!
  3.  A library kid presents their library card when checking out library materials (this is for your own protection).
  4.  A library kid uses their walking feet (running could cause an injury to you or others).
  5.  A library kid uses their inside voice (loud voices disturb others).
  6.  A library kid sits quietly on the furniture (jumping, climbing or standing will break furniture and cause injury to you).
  7.  A library kid treats library books and other library materials carefully (library materials are for everyone).
  8.  A library kid returns borrowed library materials on time (you can get a receipt with due dates for your materials if you'd like).
  9.  A library kid plays gently with the toys in the children’s room and straightens up the area afterwards (the toys are for sharing with other library kids).
  10.  A library kid under age 8 uses the computers and/or video game consoles with a parent (the equipment can break if used incorrectly).
  11.  Library kids – quiet, courteous, and curious – are wonderful!